Hey, I'm Hayley, an 18 year old Australian artist.  I've always been attracted to things with no boundaries. Some things cannot be expressed in words - things too important or too subtle, like a gaze or a touch or a sound. But art can capture feeling in a way nothing else can. That is why I am drawn to painting (of course), but also music, sculpture and photography (even though I'm no good at photography). There is so much to thank for the beauty that this world was given, and so much to explore.

I learnt to paint from a private teacher. From then, I taught myself anatomy and began painting portraits. Recently I have been inspired by film photography, and more modern artists, though I still try to capture likeness through technique. 



Highly commended, 2014 International Silk Cut Lino Awards

1st place, 2016 Canberra Show Art Section 15-17yo

2nd place & highly commended, 2017 Canberra Show Art Section 15-17yo

Finalist, 2018 Young Archies



Traces | 2016

Canberra Show 2016, 2017

RAW Fixate 2017

Traces || 2017

Charitea Event 2017

College Express 2017

In Transit 2018

Young Archies 2018