Drawing the Invisible

A human is a beautiful thing - simple, and adorned with perfect shadows. Flowing lines race from the top of the head to the calf in one movement. An entity of grace and balance, each one unique and elegant. We grow from dust into dynamic trees, moving in the wind of time. Our vessels are a curious mix of ephemeral and eternal, the temporality of our flesh almost overwhelming.

And yet the timeless nature of our being permeates through all that we do. Invisible souls reach through bones, shaping our face and filling our lungs. Earth’s atmosphere is constantly saturated with emotions, connections and stories, all conveyed through a single line on the body. The simplicity of a figure can speak to us all in the way it interacts with the landscape around it. We are shaped by the outside - shaped by the land and our experiences on it. We are more than lumps of flesh walking around aimlessly; we have purpose and memories. Connections and stories. The great unknown secrets and tales within every stranger - this is what makes us human. And these stories that shape us are all around us - in every adult, and every child.

So when I say ‘I draw people’, I don’t mean their vessels. I don’t mean their face. I mean their stories, their connections and emotions. I mean ‘people’.

This post was written as a rationale for the series 'Connections', exhibited at RAW Fixate 2017
Hayley Steel